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Freeze-Dried Durian Snack

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Freeze Dried Namdokmai Durian from Nakornkrung Fruit Brand

Processing method

From the best selection of A grade Namdokmai Mangoes, we use Freeze-Drying technology into manufacturing processes in order to remove the moisture out of the durian by using dehumidifiers in the air. In icy conditions without heat and oil, no additives, preservatives or chemicals, which make durians remains the same taste, smell, color and nutritional value.

1. 100% Original

2. Uses very ripe mango for a good smell and delicious

3. Selects standard, quality, A-grade Mango/Durian

4. Uses the technology of drying, freezing as freeze dried by keeping the appearance of color and smell especially nutrients and flavor that are still the same

5. The advantage of freeze dried mango is that it can be kept longer that the fresh one which is easy to consume and easy to take it anywhere with you

6. Freeze dried Namdokmai Mango consists of carbohydrate and protein, no additives, sugar, chemical or preservative

Price = 2.85 USD/pack , mini order  20,000 packs.