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Peem Coffee 22 in 1( Pack= 15 Sachets.)

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Peem Coffee 22 in 1.( 1 Pack= 15 Sachets)

Key features of "Coffee is peem Coffee"  : FDA - 10-1-00152-1-0392

Coffee, herbs and minerals in one pack of 22 or 22 in 1.

3 main ingredients

1) coffee varieties Brasserie Restaurant Ara spin roasted flavor with good friends.

2) sucralose instead of sugar, no calories, no fat, the World Health Organization certified since 2533 no side effects, cancer patients eat.

3) soy cream Not fat build up in the blood causing pressure problems, cholesterol clogged arteries in the heart. By keeping in severe is to bypass or balloon with high medical costs millions of baht. And blood vessel problems, stroke (Stroke) that causes paralysis.

10 herbs reduce the risk of disease contain.

1) Reishi toxins. Reduced kidney and liver function. Reduce the accumulation of fat in the blood of the lives of people today. Out of state food rich in fat and sugar. Relieve Migraines Help line Eaenaean Relieve inch lockable

2) Goji or Goji berry eye. Antioxidants Reduces cholesterol sterol, such as blood in Chinese soups are seasoned with a put down. To reduce the greasy food

3) extract from the leaves of the ginkgo. Antioxidants Stimulate the circulation of blood Prevent Dementia Reducing cataracts

4) ginseng energy balance in the body.

5) Tang rental solutions dysfunction. Immunization and balancing the functions of the various organs in the body for cancer patients of all kinds.

6) Cactus extract Reduce blood cholesterol levels And tri-glyceride actually. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

7) Moringa extract lowers blood pressure. Anti-tumor and cancer Demote Corey sterol.

8) L - glutathione. The body's immune system Eliminate toxins that enter the body. And stimulate cell DNA wear

9) beta glucan solution osteoarthritis. Psoriasis Relief Diseases Uveitis Autoimmune diseases (woman).

10) Vitamin B6 to prevent kidney stones. Reduce the risk of heart disease The body absorb protein and fat better.

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